Shadow Work

Hello Sirs & Lovers

Im thrilled to share the results of Shadow Work coaching with one of my Annual Subscription Adult Babies.

That testimonial will be shared end of this month. It might give you some ideas for your own healing journey & how I might support you, other than kink, sexology, or just plain, simple fun dates!

I come from the space myself having healed, indeed, continuing to heal, those aspects of myself. Integrating is slow however throughly rewarding.


The journey is one that as I combine therapeutic elements & modalities for my client / lover, I too experience transformation.


Relationships are mirrors, & the reflection back to myself is often a fall from grace as it were. That’s where the tough love lies!


We combine many elements of frivolity within such packages. Hence why they are subscription-based, & why they are LONG.

Breaks are needed, dining is essential. Sometimes sensuality, touch or a cuddle- it’s hard, challenging work to confront ones ego!


I always said I was a humiliatrix at heart, however what I enjoy unpacking per se is ‘shame’. Why is it there? Where did it come from?


Or noticing aspects in another, becoming self-righteous & exploring ‘How am I ALSO that?’


To be sure, when we feel an amplified emotional reaction within us.. or when we tend to self sabotage.. that’s often where the Shadow is.


To be sure, the Shadow isnt all ‘bad’. That’s far too binary. It’s merely unexpressed parts of the identity. Learning to integrate & balance all aspects of self results in a well-balanced & empathetic individual.


Results observed in clients who have undergone the Shadow Work coaching package include:
  • Positive changes in weight management
  • Attainment of fitness objectives
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Improvement in personal relationships
  • Boost in self-confidence
  • Heightened levels of empathy
  • Advancements in career trajectory


Unlock the full potential of your sex life & relationships with Paz’s exclusive Shadow Work coaching packages. Experience the transformative benefits for yourself.  You can have a once-off session, if you’re uncertain of your commitment to the work. It could be a four-session meet, online or offline, three month or six month intensive.

OR, like two of my professional lovers in 2023, an entire year! It depends on WHAT your goals are. We can nut that out together in our first coaching call.

The benefits are endless, including heightened intimacy, improved communication, & a deeper connection with your partner if you have one.

Book your package today to embark on a journey in 2024.

A journey towards more fulfilling & satisfying relationships!

Your most vibrant & passionate self awaits! 🔥💑


With Play & Presence,