Mummy Domme / MILF

Have you ever wanted a real-life Mummy? An older, dominant woman to guide you & teach you sexually?

Step into one of my favourite ways to inhabit power. I adore ‘Mummy’ as an honorific. Being ‘Mummy’ allows me to be a little sweet & a tiny bit caring. Though with that care, comes high expectations for my little one.

Mummy will guide & tease little one for her pleasure.

Remember Mummies can be cold & strict… or sweet, sensual & nurturing.

My affection must be earned. Prove you’re a good boy/girl or pet.


Though I am a strict, mummy, I adore cuddles & supporting My littles to grow.

Mummy roles:

  • strict Mummy
  • nurturing taboo fantasy Mummy roleplay
  • babysitter
  • Mummy/little dynamic
  • maternal love and care
  • ‘Mummy issues’ (less BDSM, more therapy)
  • Littles full immersion and regression
  • 1/2 day daycare
  • Full day daycare

As a MILF:

  • age play
  • adult baby
  • baby talk
  • bottle feeding

I will dress you up, and discipline you

…Mama makes it alllll better!


MILF acts include/ (but are in no way limited to):

  • stroking little one’s hair
  • worshipping Mummy
  • making you earn Mummy’s affection & attention
  • bath time
  • OTK (over the knee) spankings
  • corner time/ ‘time out’

*Don’t give me a script. I organically & intuitively improvise, illuminating what requires release.

X Strictly no rape or sexual abuse roleplays

My preference is therapy Adult Babies. Though I do see dark age-players, all Adult Babies are welcome to apply.






Pegging-Prostate play-Anal

Never had success in this arena? I can get you there with My thorough anal training!
Isn’t it delightful to be pegged by a petite Miss who stands at 142cm tall?!
  • strap on play
  • prostate massage
  • anal training
  • light to hard pegging

*delivered with or without humiliation *Sensual pegging & soft domming

*Please allow at least 2hrs prior for your enema

*Email for instructions re self-administering enema ‘at home’ options (I am unavailable to provide you an enema)


Humiliation; A true Humiliatrix at Heart

Psychological & physical humiliation makes Goddess Paz wet! Letting go of all the expectations of being a worthy member of society and just being degraded in a safe space sounds liberating, doesn’t it?

Positive pain within BDSM can travel outside the physical realm, into the psychological space, especially in the form of degradation or humiliation play. I can be a highly sadistic dominant, intuitively degrading without destroying My submissives’ confidence. In fact, I strive to make you better through the acts & tasks we co-create.

You may cry, but trust Me, it’s for your betterment & release.

As a child, I was known as the ‘lasher’. I was always gifted with my words to put people in their rightful place & humility.

Impact play is impact play. Something is striking you, whether it’s a hand/flogger/whip/cane… it is the physical sensation; an endorphin rush that comes with it that gets you off.

Cerebral play is toying with your mind, your fantasies, your fears, your weaknesses. It’s crawling into the dark corners of your mind, dragging things out for you to see, to confront.

The endorphin rush can come from fear or from something that turns you on but you have repressed. It can come from someone knowing you so well that they see those things you try to hide. I see those parts of you that scare you… I probe what you’re ashamed of. I don’t allow you to run from yourself… Instead, I transform you … your emotions and insecurities; toyed with. I play them like a musical instrument. Accepting you for who you are in your imperfection.

I allow you to somatically release everything that you keep bottled up inside yourself… you can finally can let go…

  • extreme to light verbal humiliation
  • public humiliation/Exposure
  • cuckolding
  • cum eating
  • I excel at explicit penis humiliation (PH) or penis ratings
  • extreme to light objectification
  • extreme to light erotic degradation
  • Female Supremacy
  • human Furniture
  • physical and situational humiliation
  • Distance/ online humiliation


I come from a psychology background, keeping extensive records of our interactions. Therefore, paperwork will include strict agreements for your emotional & mental well-being  – safety first!

Traumas & triggers may come up with humiliation & degradation sessions. As a result, please book extended time, particularly for your first-time session as I offer extended aftercare for such sessions.

This is not always a ‘one & done’ style session if you wish to release & process, allowing trauma to run through your system. Recurring sessions are recommended.

I am available to package a prescription with you of sessions. Please ask for my consultations.

While consultations are paid, if you decide to go ahead with your session, you will have the consultation tribute taken off the final balance of your session.

*I also offer email check-ins (inclusive of the cost), supporting you as you navigate the ‘three-day after’ sub-drop that often occurs in the aftermath as your process the session.

*Allow time to rest and process after such a session

*High communication is essential while exploring degradation/humiliation acts. If you do not have the time or inclination to dedicate, I have no interest in enabling your trauma. Please seek these sessions when you do have the time, or alternatively, start with a ‘light’ act or ‘taster’ session. Many have come to Me in the past saying they want ‘hardcore’ humiliation & that they have ‘no limits’. This is rarely EVER the case! If I am to administer these acts successfully, without inflicting PTSD (which is NOT my aim), a pre-session questionnaire is required at a minimum, as is additional aftercare and debriefing.


As an ex performer in musical theatre & fashion stylist, I do enjoy transforming you with hair, makeup & costume!

With My acute attention to detail, I will style you, highlighting your best assets to be the Superior Gender.

*Please note, I never berate or degrade sissies as the inferior gender as I believe females are superior. If you wish to be humiliated while cross-dressing or as part of your transformation, I will not perform such an act as I do not yield to patriarchal values as a gender studies Masters student.

I may for example, humiliate you as male, transforming you into the best version of yourself; a female.

 private sissy parties or ‘girls nights in’

Brown showers / scat play / farting

I believe that brown showers (all toilet fantasies for that matter) can be incredibly sensual & extremely vulnerable & intimate, while toeing the line between humiliation & degradation. I thoroughly enjoy exploring this realm of play and deep, deep intimacy!

My time in Japan taught Me the art of being the ‘Queen of the toilet seat’. Enjoy My Japanese school girl caviar…

I should add that I am extremely regular; offering brown showers and full toilet sessions between 11am to 1pm only, so no need to skip lunch!

*Deposit required

Ruby showers

If the sweet, pungent scent of menstrual blood turns you on, come hither. Sniff deeply & take My menses in. Perhaps, I will pour you a glass filled with My Goddess essence for you to sip, savour or, better yet, you might decide to enjoy one of My “tampop-cicles” fresh from the source.

Either way, I welcome your fetish and fascination, having inventive methods to ensure that we both have a bloody good time.

*Deposit and advance notice to prepare around My cycle

Nurturing Domination

Humiliation & pain delivered with a nurturing demeanour.

For the novices who are curious, but not hardcore. Mummy will go easy on you…

Roleplay scenarios:

As a MILF, yet blessed with youthful looks & a petite stature, I convincingly bring lived experience to the following:

  • school girl bully, particularly for toilet play

Sploshing / Food Play

I am highly sensory, & thus thoroughly enjoy such multi-sensory play!

Edging, icing & messy, sticky bliss!

I love to edge you with food, & force you to eat your cum. I think it’s only right that if you make love to the food you have to eat it after, to cut down on food waste of course! Unless you have a massive sploshing food play spread, like some of My toys do, then if you make love to the cake icing, save it & use it on your cupcakes, a bagel or whatever you like to eat with icing. If you make love to your roast chicken, guess what’s for dinner?

If you edge with food, chances are while relieving yourself, you will get so horny you will literally make love to anything I tell you to, just to get some relief.

Here comes the sadistic humiliatrix in Me, giving you a ruined orgasm. Find out how!


At present I am open to offering the below to all individuals, couples, sexual orientations & genders!

Something I missed?
  • keyholder
  • cuckold play
  • couples play (I love topping you both!)
  • pet play
  • role play
  • spanking
  • face slapping
  • spitting
  • small penis humiliation &/or ratings
  • golden showers (with notice!)
  • brown showers (with notice!)
  • tasks and or commands via email or voice message (I have VERY limited availability for this**)
  • Reiki

Personal & Hard Limits

I do not receive anal or vaginal penetration of any kind

‘Touch is Directed at you’

Foot Fetish (I loathe interacting with feet). There are plenty of other practitioners who may cater to your requests! Alas I am not one of them, and while I do not kink shame, feet trigger Miss.

Racial humiliation

Female gender humiliation

No Safe word/No Mercy, ‘Beat-Down’ or Wrestling Sessions

Anything that poses a serious risk of permanent injury or threat to life (such as extreme ball busting or extreme breath play).