I grew up worldwide as an international Diplomat Brat.

I’m based in Melbourne, but if you’re unable to meet me here, then you can fly/train/drive me to you. I love travel!

*my fees vary depending on the location and length of the travel*

Alternatively you can subscribe to my blog for weekly to fortnightly updates here

Email is my main, preferred and ONLY method of communication for first timers. I reserve contact through phone calls or messaging apps for established suitors only.

The limits lists and forms on my website are my contact preferences. I recommend approaching me as concisely as possible. Be professional, be respectful. I receive and abundance of superfluous emails each day and I simply am unable to wade through to the booking details! Don’t get lost in the ocean of potential devotees!

A thorough pre-session questionnaire form, where you answer MY questions to you, allows me discernment, to gauge compatibility, alignment and session quotations.

If you have never met a Dominatrix or fetish practitioner before, please be sure to mention along with your email. Subject line may be ‘NOVICE’.

I am a busy MILF and I am not always able to respond immediately. If there are certain time frames I should respond to you within for your own discretion, please let me know in the SUBJECT LINE of your email.

Otherwise messages will be responded to at my earliest convenience, approx. within 5-10 business days.

My philosophy and practice is this; quality and authenticity!

My top core value is CONNECTION. I strive to place an emphasis on deep and present connection.

The reason I ask so many questions during our date arrangements is with my background in psychology and superpower of ADHD, I want you to feel like the only person in the room (unless we have group liaisons of course!)

I’m a Bizarre lady, hence My name ‘Paz Bizarre’! Originally trained the Berlin way by a German Mistress in 2014.

So if you’re looking to discover your limits, & explore, I can provide this & more without the ‘scary Mistress’ vibe, which I never fit into Myself.

As I like to say ‘IF YOU DONT FIT IN, FIT OUT!’

Thus I have crafted my own philosophy as a fetishist, encompassing all my skills to focus on YOU on our date. I will not be boxed in by labels.

In your all-inclusive rate for a date, included at My discretion & yours I might include many kinds of activities. A consultation supports this in the first date, & multiple sessions allows us to go deeper…

Last-minute appointments simply aren’t possible!

I now have a waitlist of up to 6 weeks. Get in touch as soon as you can with your preferred dates.

This allows me to prepare our date. I want you to experience my extraordinary attention.

On the off chance that I do have a last minute opening, I will give priority to suitors I have seen in the past. I also have a WAIT LIST & CANCELLATION LIST  you may be placed on at your request.

Please email me directly, & I will give you instructions on how to make a date to see me.

I feel very strongly about mutual respect. Our conversation and time together is subjective, beautiful and often hedonistic – fuelled with private fantasies. I don’t like to kiss and tell, (unless you want me to, for public humiliation! )

I am not a burger and fries to be yelp-reviewed.

I can accommodate date* requests to my domestic and international trips.

You may inquire as to whether or not I plan to visit your city and of course, you can always fly-me-with you, or to you!

Please preface such emails with a subject line ‘TOUR’ or ‘TRAVEL’.

I am available for travel dates – overnights – to join you on a business trip.

I am based in Melbourne and have a passport ready to visit you anywhere by a flight domestically within Australia or Internationally.


I regularly fly to Sydney, every couple of months in fact! Email me to find out more.

My deposit preference is Beemit. Alternatively, I use OSKO or PayID. All details are within my email signature.

Dominatrices & companions talk. I will ask other BDSM practitioners I have contact with and have been an escort in Melbourne and internationally for nearly two decades now.

Be on your best behaviour, otherwise I will know.

More details, just reach out. It’s simple & straight forward. I look forward to hearing from you!

If you’d prefer an INCALL visit, I can easily arrange a 4-5 star hotel or apartment for us in inner Melbourne.


For OUTCALLS, I am happy to meet you at 4-5 star hotels.



If you’re an established suitor, we can session at your private residence.

Overnights – Yes!

Nothing to do, nowhere to be. Just here in the moment, right now, with me.

$10000 (dependent on activities/ travel etc)

While I am on tour, it’s approximately $10,000 AUD


Email me to find out what delicious delights are included.


Video consults, which contribute to the final balance are non negotiable for your extended date with me.


Alternatively, I offer the very popular ‘A Day of Play’ at $8000.


For Adult Babies, the initial ‘Day of Pay’ is $7000

Not all my Tribute fees are listed. They vary depending on your date plans, length and location.

Once you send me a detailed introductory email via my forms, you’ll receive approximate quotes suited to your session or date request. You will also receive a series of dates to select from.

To give you an indication, my fees are similar to other independent elite companions and dominatrices in Europe, NYC or Australia.