First time?

I would be delighted to meet you and explore a session with you!

Some questions before we proceed to bookings and times, as I want you to gain the most memorable experience from me.

Now is the time to also ask ME any questions you may have to see if we are aligned. And make requests if you have specific ones.

In order for me to provide the best guidance possible for you, and to maximize our time together, please respond to the pre-session questions below with as much detail as possible, and send to me at least 24 hours before your session…

I would like some more detail, particularly of soft, and hard limits.

For example, do you like spitting or face slapping? If so, regarding face slapping, have you had much experience, if any with this? I am able to gauge pain threshold easily, just wanted to know how heavy I would be going. I DO intuit this throughout the session though, and this is just a guide for me.

Thank you!

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