I invite you to step into a world where authenticity and connection take center stage...

Do you appreciate a natural, down-to-earth approach and seek a genuine connection?

My name is Paz & I want to experience fun, play & presence, together!

For lovers of BDSM, I am a soft Domme with a knack for psychological sadism, the art of non-physical punishment has always compelled me, as it opens up an immense amount of creativity for all sub-types, even the brattiest masochists. My punishments usually do not involve a paddle or crop (though they might) … welcome to my cerebral BDSM… Allow Me to ‘whip’ your mind.

I’m a lifestyler turned practitioner of sensual mental dominance; a mini MILF who reminds you of your rightful place…


Deeply empathetic and intuitive, I understand your very first session can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting!

I believe that My sensual form of psychological Domination is well-suited to the more timid first timers amongst you. 

My aim is not only to introduce you to My world of Domination gently, but to give you a memorable and enjoyable first session. 

From newbies to seasoned kinksters, I enjoy cocreating an unforgettable experience with you.

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