Petite, pegging pansexual Humiliatrix! Known as ‘The Smiling Assassin’... verbal bondage with the intuitive Miss Paz Bizarre.

I delight in leaning into my playful side. Intrinsically nurturing and flirtatious – I love slowly turning up the heat by abusing you with My tongue!

A soft Domme with a knack for psychological sadism, the art of non-physical punishment has always compelled Me, as it opens up an immense amount of creativity for all sub-types, even the brattiest masochists. My punishments usually do not involve a paddle or crop (though they might) … welcome to my cerebral BDSM… Allow Me to ‘whip’ your mind.

I’m a lifestyler turned practitioner of sensual mental dominance; a mini MILF who reminds you of your rightful place…

Am I a soft Dominant with hard Domme traits? Or the other way around? YOU decide.

A discordant Miss, like the music I weave into our sessions, I am the ying or yang you desire.

I prefer to whisper punishments, giggling into your ear, rather than shout or stamp. There is nothing more delightful to Me than to session with novices. Deeply empathetic and intuitive, I understand your very first session can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting!

I believe that My sensual form of psychological Domination is well-suited to the more timid first timers amongst you. While My extreme Humiliatrix side will evolve you into a better human. Whether you are looking for a traditional, unrelenting Domme, a sophisticated, kinky lady who is always in control, or Mommy Domme caregiving archetype who simultaneously uplifts you while running your pitiful existence. I am adept at altering the intensity and formality of your session to better suit your fantasies and needs.

My aim is not only to introduce you to My world of Domination gently, but also to give you a memorable and enjoyable first session. I tailor every session to My submissives’ favourite fetishes. Rest assured I will not spring something on you that you have not previously expressed an interest in exploring.

As a life coach and Reiki Master I mentor you in and out of sessions, so you can be the best you can be!

I truly believe My submissives are a reflection of My training. I enjoy weaving in mirth, playfulness and humour into all acts! I enjoy somatic healing, bodywork and release, working with essential oils to release trauma and am able to facilitate this through extended aftercare where appropriate.

From newbies to seasoned kinksters, I enjoy cocreating an unforgettable experience with you, with complete mindfuckery.

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