Tributes & Wishlist


It’s free to be nice!

Paz adores gifts though!

If you have a gift in mind, please ask prior to sending it.

I may have a philanthropic effort in mind as an alternative.

In the two decades of being a companion, I have received many gifts which though lovely, I did not use or need. Let’s say ‘no’ to mindless consumption.

Thank you for your generosity.

☆ Unsure about slave training & or BDSM?

Would you still like to serve a Goddess & worship Me?


Here are some alternative ways. Engage and interact with my links

Or…simply reach out to me directly and we can make it happen. I love snail mail! (Seriously, I will write back!)




You may always support Me with TRIBUTES of $10 and upwards via My payment options, just ask.

TRIBUTES go towards purchasing DJ tunes, mortgage payments, re-investing into My business’ and philanthropic efforts.

Thank you & Best Vibes,

Paz 🖤

Pay via Beem