2024 Bizarre Provocations

Hello Lovers n Losers

I needed a change! So I’m making changes, & being more myself.

We’re ALWAYS changing—-(Shout out to my OG followers who were with me in 2012 when I first went private under a different alias)— We’ve ALL changed since then, every single one of us!

I want to preface that I’m not going anywhere; the Bizarre community is not going anywhere; quite the opposite.

It’s a season of vibrancy for me & expanding into different things! Exploration & creativity & curiosity in more of a way that my brand has never had before (but I’ve always wanted). I’m REALLY excited about it!

Far from me disappearing, this announcement is about being MORE here.




So, here’s the background…

Let Miss Paz tell you a story…

I’ve been showing up, keeping myself in the same shape while I trialed different ways of working & operating with willing & worthy lovers & losers. I’ve been a sex worker for OVER 2 DECADES —– FOR REAL.

It has been the bedrock; seeing people in venues or independently. It has been ‘what I know’ with the occasional tour, coaching & sex magic Tantra thrown in.

It’s what people have come to expect from me, & indeed sex workers in general. Just book me, be ‘intimate’, never see you again. But that’s what I don’t like about modern society. Creating this manufactured intimacy. The same reason I don’t do online dating. It’s just enabling poor communication & not actual COMMUNING with people.

Meanwhile I’ve been CRAVING doing things a little differently. I have been craving wanting to share more of my own life as I attempt to normalise being a sex worker & my life as a sex worker & addressing underlying whorephobia. I have been wanting to share more about sexology… about unmasking…about my hyperfixations…I’ve been wanting to explore how to utilise sexology tools in new & deeper ways through communing in regular interactions. More full ways, that I believe REALLY change those interactions.

The way that I approach these tools & sex work itself is outside of the ‘traditional ways’. I want to own my interactions as Paz Bizarre in a completely different way.


For example, do you go to a Personal Trainer & see them once? Do you get a counsellor or psychologist & see them once? Nope.

I have a totally different way of approaching this that I want to share with you.

Some of you who have been in touch may have already noticed how difficult it is to book time with me. That’s because I’ve been setting sessions with recurring lovers n losers.

I want to be SO MUCH MORE PRESENT with you all!

Cos here’s the thing, when I’ve told myself, I have to just see clients for once-offs & that’s just what I have to do, & that’s the made-up rule of how being a provider works. What ended up happening is I’ve been stagnating myself & physically pulling myself back because I wanted to explore. And I was terrified ‘people wouldn’t like it, & people would leave’. That my security & everything I’ve built with this business would disappear if I dared to step out of a traditional way of offering my services. To step outside of what I think or assume what other people expect of me. What the culture expects of me.

 And also out of the unspoken bounds of the rules I’ve set for myself. And the expectations of what I’ve set for myself. And I was so scared to let myself explore & play like I did when I lived in Berlin, Germany in 2014. Because I didnt want to ‘let clients down’.

I was scared because I thought the way I like to be & do things is not the way that people want. And that everyone would leave & no one would come to events & turns out that my true spirit is never what people wanted.

However, I’ve attracted & been fortunate enough to continue to attract people who believed in me. People who took a chance. Clients signed up for recurring annual offerings. Clients evolved in ways & our connections deepened in ways that were thrilling &, yes, provided evidence to me that there are people who DO want to SEE ME in the ways I deem valuable & they get value from.

My deeper knowing is that it’s okay for me to not see people for once-offs.

So my plan right now is to take the next few months off & no longer offer once-offs (of course the people who have booked already are not a part of that, you can disregard, don’t panic!!).

There will be some exceptions subject to availability (such as those living interstate, wanting overnights or extended bookings or scat etc).

So I’m taking the next couple of months from doing once-offs. And instead am creating a plan. To take you on the journey with me. I will open up my world to you a little bit more. 

I want it to come from a liberatory space where we’re using sexology and sharing.

So rather than it being about once-off superficial sessions with you, it will be about…

exploring themes,

psycho-sexual exploration,

sexology & connection,

and if all goes well, when I’m not doing my vanilla work, I may host a bi-monthly webinar or live call. We can just hangout. It can also be a way for you to connect with other kinksters & attend events I host, having forged some connections beforehand.

So it’s going to be more about CONSISTENCY. Where you are getting that CONNECTION. And so am I.


I also think that I don’t want to leave 1-1’s entirely. I don’t plan on this being an insane shift either. It’s slow. And it’s subtler. But it is a big thing to acknowledge. But I’m just sharing that I’m ready to try some different things here & be the spirit that I am. And not try to hold myself to a specific shape thinking that’s all people want from me.

I know that some people are probably going to walk away, because they want a once-off tie & tease or pegging or whatever. And there are plenty of once off sessions you can have with a provider out there! So many to choose from. And that’s totally okay. Because I’m happy to have that honesty and self-aware framework with myself & letting my full self SHINE.

I want to take this beyond the cultural precepts we’ve set as a society. I believe & have witnessed that my work is the most powerful through repeated connection. I believe what I offer is Deep Work & Deep somatic therapy. And just like I mentioned earlier, just like you wouldn’t see your Personal Trainer once a year, or every few random months,  so too I want to acknowledge this as the ongoing commitment it is & how I was taught in Berlin.

I want to go on my own path with that & own it, & no longer supress that.

I know that letting myself be more myself, there’s going to be MORE energy here & for my recurring subs.

More VIBRANCY, more of the community & the connection  & for all you here who are here for the Bizarre life with me!

‘I know you’re there & I’m so appreciative of you! You are the people I cherish & I value. You are the people who see me like I see you, & we can do something together!

That’s really where my heart is. Expressing who I am & how I’m changing  & being waaay more open about it while having more of a community.


Ways to book me as Paz Bizarre for a ‘once off’ will be for:

scat, or extended sessions (you’ll have to get in touch with me first to confirm this)

‘Extended’ means anything from couples bookings, Full day Adult Baby Nursery or an overnight or Fly Me to You.

I have moved all my clients to recurring subscriptions. Upon applying & subject to approval, you will have the ability to book in advance packages of: 1 month minimum (at fortnightly cycle minimum), 3 monthly cycles, 6 monthly cycles, up to one year. 

I am at capacity for annual subs this year. I have space for ONE more 6 month package, commencing in June or July. Interested? Book in your consultation now as screening & approval is at my discretion.

Why did I share this?
NOT that I need to justify myself, however, I believe it’s useful to share my thought process. It may help you realise the essence of SLOW PRODUCTIVITY.

I have been becoming more self aware & conscious  in my unmasking process. As well as this I’ve realised that I have always enjoyed going deep with people. Since I began sex work in my early 20s, I realised I did not enjoy short, random sessions. They drain me of my energy. Instead, I have always preferred & catered towards long term liasons. If this sounds terrible to you, then that’s fine. I don’t need convincing myself as I have phases of wonderful submissives who entertain me & uplift my life as I do theirs.

It has been decades in the making to create this way of offering my unique gifts, taking into account what feels wonderful to ME.

I’ve really been noticing where I do things just to keep the status quo, & that’s not why I got into this. I’ve been longing to change it up, & been experimenting with this over the past decade in particular. For example, when I was a sugar baby, I started offering 2 hour bookings ONLY. This has been in the works for some time.

I understand the way I conduct my offerings may not suit everyone’s circumstances or budget, however they suit mine.

I’ve really considered since last year in particular, ‘where have I been burning my energy on things/ people/circumstances I DONT NEED’

Routines, repetitive tasks & then finding the things I really LOVE are being put on the backburner.

Last night, I went home & made music. I haven’t done that since lockdown. I bought all these synthesisers from Japan & haven’t even had the chance to use them! It’s been liberating this Easter locking myself away & enjoying my time. When I first started sex work, I built a studio & used to play & make music all day. That was the payoff of sex work! Other than the deep connections I made.

The chance to play & pursue my hobby! But now I see I should not use the dregs of my energy or ‘what’s left over’ for the things which are for ME.

I ask you to think for YOURSELF, ‘where are you killing your inner flame?’ ‘killing your sense of what makes you feel CONNECTED?’. I encourage you to spend more time on the things which fuel & recharge you.  That help you feel excited. Just reflect on that & come up with ways to really bring that into your life….


Once off play can also occur at my events- hurrah! I announce these on my various profiles.
Tours are announced a few months ahead of time. You can always reach out to me regarding a Fly Me to you.
I am such a busy woman I have neither the time nor inclination to be ready & available last minute. If you reach out to me, I really like to put my best efforts in. To give you an indication, I am typically booked up to a month in advance.  Write to me now, even if it’s just a musing in your mind… then we can tee it up!

I want this space to be full of life, play, energy & curiosity! Just getting to be MYSELF. And not trying to hold myself back or hide the freaky music geek I am (cos as I unmask I’m having a hard time keeping it in anyways these days!!) It’s physically impossible for me to pretend I am anything other than this freaky drum and bass pun-loving weirdo. So cheers to you all!

I encourage you to get honest with who you’re becoming & how you’re changing & shifting & how that looks for you. And how scary it is to acknowledge it. And how LIBERATING too!
And then to take that sigh of relief & go ‘I can just be myself’.
Reach out to me, I’m curious to know, what topics would you like to explore more? What media? What themes?
I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks so much for getting to the end of this & being here lovers & losers. You uplift my life in more ways than you know. It means so much to me.  Through all the name, brand, venue, city & country changes 😉

Let’s see what unfolds in this wild journey…Talk soon!


Miss Paz Bizarre