Doing Less, But doing it Better

Hey Lovers!

Following your gut/ insights/ epiphanettes, can *sometimes* lead you off the tracks… I mean, I like THAT I take ACTION. Because that’s where the confirmation comes from; the process.

And honestly, things evolve and transform as we do…

At the end of 2022, I mentioned all the potential ways to connect with me in 2023… and then it felt⁠ clunky, overwhelming, murky, unclear and just a bit “off”.⁠..


I said Youtube would be the way (after Twitter kicked me off, and what a blessing THAT turned out to be) and then…meh I tried it and I wasn’t feeling it and honestly felt it was NOT the best use of my time. It has to be a ‘fuck yes’ otherwise it’s a ‘FUCK NO’ dawg. ALSO, I did not realise that I would be SO BOOKED OUT doing independent sessions after leaving Fetish House!

I said I’d create a podcast, and then it caused me to stress about non-disclosure, ponder about safe spaces, and I realised I did not want to accidentally out my peers or family if someone recognised our voices! Amongst other things, like, so many sex workers are doing it and doing it well, including my good friend Kitty Galore here.

I mean, that’s the space where I want to be.. connecting with you all… not ‘online’.


Fortunately, after a little check-in with my head and heart and heeeeaps of journalling while away on my lush holiday …upon my return, I saw and felt a much clearer way of being — after all, my heart’s desire right now is to SIMPLIFY. ⁠DISCERNMENT.  ⁠

When I was away on holidays, I felt TRULY connected to everything. I returned, with a newfound dedication to really focus on QUALITY and be a minimalist.


This is why I love focusing on extended sessions where I have the ability to provide ample aftercare or adjust on a whim…I don’t have to ‘watch the clock’ and rush on to the conveyer belt of the next ‘service’ like a fetish vending machine on call!

I want to be PRESENT with every single one of you.


I gave this advice to a dear friend yesterday;


‘You CAN get what you want. BUT, not always on the TERMS you may want’.

Let me explain a little…

If you want it NOW, you may have to give up some things or LIMIT your focus.

If you want A LOT, you may have to stretch out the timeline.

If you want IT ALL…. well, you’ll just need more resources and delegation and assistance.

Ive decided to pull back on expectations and who knows maybe I will do a podcast and vlog one day, however, that’s not what Im feeling right now.

When it comes down to it, all we need is one way for you to come to me and receive connection. Maybe to have a moment where you’re blissed out… So, if you pop by my website, you’ll see just ONE way to work 1:1 with me — your Session.

Yes, I’m still offering mentoring and VIP distance domination — but if it’s aligned for us to connect together in a much deeper way, and that is recurring sessions, you’ll FEEL it and KNOW in our session (or in any previous session for that matter — if you’ve already spent time 1:1 with me via a 1-hour session and are keen to mentor or have a VIP Day with me, reply to me via email, as I do have a couple of spots free).


I got judged as being ‘flakey’ or perhaps having another one of my ADHD hyperfixation obsessions… yadadyada. Good thing I don’t hold these things to heart. Pivoting, adapting, transforming.. that’s what got me to where I am today! And I love the process!

I’ve made far too much progress..I’ve come so far, & I owe it to MYSELF to finish. And I have other things I want to be doing right now… the abundance of space to be with my children and not sitting in a’s all about achieving and maintaining MY balance.

And that will look different according to what’s going on in the phases of my life.

One thing is certain, I always provide 1:1 sessions.

The container in how I put out my content may evolve, so you can find me… though you can be sure, I will be a kink companion and here to faciliate your deepest, most carnal expressions.


Following your heart might not always look so good to everyone else watching from the sidelines; you may indeed look foolish as you pivot and change — but it will feel like home to you, and that’s where your heart is leading you, after all.

I give you the permission to follow your heart. No matter where it leads, no matter how many times you change your mind.

Best Vibes,