Paz’s Calendar 2023

Hello lovers/ sluts/ pets/ subs!

I’m sharing my calendar availability today as many of you have reached out to me.

As you know, I’ll be MIA all of January 2023, having an island holiday in South-East Asia…

February is becoming booked up FAST. Due to touring Canberra & then Sydney, I now have the following available for a date with you. (*please see below).

I’m getting booked out for all of February too, so I’ll give you my (Melbourne) calendar so we don’t miss out on play, because I’m REALLY excited about facilitating that for you! I’ve had some WICKED, fun sessions, including being tied up.. group parties.. edible dates & I baked a professional friend some Greek Christmas cookies with a Bizarre-twist (infused with some green goodness) – we had a really hiiiiigh viiiibe time!!! Flyyyyyiiiiing!
             Melbourne February Availability
Wednesday 1/2 (afternoon only)
Monday 6/2
Sat 11/2
Mon 13/2
                  All appointments will need a    
        deposit in advance to lock in our date.
Super Best Vibes to you slutty souls!
I hope 2023 is full of decadence & sweaty sex! Which it will be, if & when we meet…


Big Love,

Paz Bizarre